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What inspired me to create Goddess Hub UK


After losing my daughter Mayah, I lost my sense of purpose. I suddenly understood how intimate this pain is.  I felt down and broken:  grief was not even enough to describe the process I needed to go through. But in the dark corridor of pregnancy loss, I could see the light too. 


As I navigated through different stages of my grief, I desperately needed to find a purpose to live again. This experience gave me a higher purpose. It empowered me with a powerful will to help and provide perinatal emotional support for women, by providing them with the right tools and support to create their own version of healing. It made me more determined than ever to help them awaken their inner goddess. To help them walk in their own freedom. To help them lead a harmonious life.


And this is exactly what I did: I created the Goddess Hub to offer Empowerment tools for women on their healing journey, so they can connect with their inner power, transform themselves and emerge as a goddess in their life. 


We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can soar to the highest heights .

Our Mission

Who do we serve?

We serve women who feel the deep desire to take the path to fulfilment in motherhood.


we improve their mental well-being by offering comfort, encouragement and hope for their progress through peer support and Mentoring.


We take you on your journey to sacred womanhood by giving you everything you need to practice self-love and lead a fulfilling life.


Our speciality

We are passionate about maternal mental health. We put YOUR growth at the center of what we do. Through our transformational peer support and mentoring, you will find the path of unconditional self-acceptance. Starting from this love conversation with yourself, you will be amazed at what you can create for your life and those around you.  YOU were created to experience an abundant, and overflowing life. Learn to appreciate your freedom of choice. 

Choose YOU and we will help you prioritise yourself in unimaginable ways!

Are you ready to do the inner work and make a commitment?

Embark on a voyage of self-discovery.   When you attend our peer support events, you will have access to our community, and you can begin your journey.  Remember that LIFE FLOWS FROM WITHIN and manifests externally.  And, by committing to doing the inner work you are choosing healing, evolving, becoming happier, feeling free and stepping into your power.

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