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A holistic, forward-looking approach to help you feel centred and more confident, to be you and to love you! So you never question again, 'am I good enough'?

Why do I need a Mother’s Mentor

Becoming a mother is undoubtedly a significant transition in your life.  Life as you know it can be completely turned upside down and it can take some time to get used to. There will also be many tough bumps throughout the months and years of your family's growth.

Commonly Mothers can feel they are losing their confidence and identity, drowning in the busyness of life.  You don’t need to be at crisis point to feel the benefit from talking to someone. Talking can help you stay grounded, centred and focused. 

We will help you…

● Clarify your thoughts & feelings

● Know yourself better

● Reduce stress

● See yourself and love you

● Create space for reflection

● Honour your journey

● Release stored emotions

What can I expect from a Mother’s Mentor support package?


You will complete a pre appointment form outlining what is going on for you at the moment. This helps us maximise our time together.

  • 4x 30mins mentoring sessions

  • I provide you with a listening ear and a safe space to offload your thoughts

  • If appropriate we form a written plan, changing and updating it as you move forwards 

  • Individual resources, exercises, self care strategies etc specifically tailored for you

  • Check in messages in between sessions if needed


During the individual sessions we will:

1) assess and summarise your current situation
2) explore the outcome and vision you have for your life
3) make a step by step plan to get you there
4) ongoing support to help you achieve your goals and wishes
5) opportunity each session to chat about what is going on for you and 
what is a priority for you this week 

Common reasons to book a Mother’s Mentor appointment



– Mother’s guilt / self doubt
– Time pressures / juggling family life
– Lack of self care
– Feeling exhausted 
– At a cross roads / decision time 
– Feeling low and unsupported
– Can’t move forwards from a tricky birth


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