The S.O.A.R Approach is a coaching framework used to guide and facilitate the journey to self-love and unconditional self-acceptance. S.O.A.R Approach is a combination of workshops sessions and weekend retreat program to support perinatal emotional wellbeing. A weekend to rediscover the extraordinary in the ordinary: those transitory moments where the deepest truths may be found and we feel a powerful sense of connection. We explore these life-affirming moments together. We will take you on a journey toward self-love and unconditional self-acceptance using the S.O.A.R Approach framework.


This retreat will help you…

● Clarify your thoughts & feelings

● Know yourself better

● Reduce stress

● Come to terms with challenges or obstacles that you are facing

● Create space for reflection

● Honour your journey

● Release stored emotions



What do you get?


One to One



Access to Community

Goddess Hub CIC use the S.O.A.R Approach to bring about a sense of purpose and self-worth.

As a woman:

- Are you feeling stressed?

- Are you seeking more balance in life?

- Interested in replacing your stress with serenity, your fatigue with vitality, and your uncertainty with clarity? Then I think you should join us in this Personal and Spiritual growth weekend.

Using the S.O.A.R approach signature, we will explore how to access greater ease, focus, calm, and awareness in your life. You will also learn how to tap into the power of your intuition, your empathy, and your compassion to connect with your authentic self and own your full potential.

As a member of our community, you will receive guidance from our facilitators over the duration of the weekend, taking you on a journey to self-love and unconditional acceptance of your own individuality.

This benefits the individual mothers in the community as well as their wider network, as you will shine your light brighter around you by improving emotional and mental wellbeing, also fostering a supportive network with other mothers, encouraging a sense of community to reduce isolation.